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Things I Hate (getting sucked in by the Pinterest vortex)

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

So, in a lapse of better judgment, I joined Pinterest over the weekend a couple years ago. Maybe a little ambitious for a girl who was really praying she gets into the rental that still has graffiti on the side wall. Nothing even came up when I searched “Ways to dress up razor wire.” I’m not kidding…I looked, just to make sure I was out of my league.

And it was confirmed.

I am.

Now, what to do? Do I do the world a favor and fill the void that appears to be on a decidedly “upper middle class North American” realm of the world wide web, or do I just take the snub and bow out gracefully? It’s kind of like the time I got excited that The Pioneer Woman had recipes for me when I was living in the jungle so I set out to make her decadent cinnamon rolls….except that the first ingredient was “frozen bread dough.”

I did have hope that there would be someone else who wanted to do something interesting with the necessary “bars on the window” situation, so I searched “iron gates” and found a beautiful rustic headboard made out of old iron fences from Grandma’s farm.

And then I saw iron headboards as garden fences!

But nothing in line with what I was looking for — an iron bar design for our windows that improved the look of our rental to the point that it causes a second glance from passersby, but when that second glance turns to the passerby jumping the fence, cutting the razor wire and trying to enter, it would also be extraordinarily functional.

I think there’s a happy medium here where we can all just get along. I was thinking maybe I’d create a board of things I’ll probably not have time or desire to do this week (like flossing daily, emptying my inbox, or giving the dog a bath).

What are you not going to get done this week?

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