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You’ll Find Me Sitting Next to the Woman with the Parrot

The day started with a “Sunrise” Easter service that started almost 4 hours after the sunrise, but had a spectacular view, nonetheless. The English-speakers in the community, many from more traditional church backgrounds, were feeling sentimental and we had a liturgical service. It was ironic that being “traditional” was so against the grain here, but it turned out to be a really powerful service for me personally.

Then, off to the regular “contemporary” bilingual service, our last at this church for awhile since we’ll be moving to the language school. It was special to me that our last Sunday here was on Easter because our first Sunday at this bilingual church was on Easter morning. I remember it being so refreshing to worship in English after struggling to pick words out of church services for a long time, but at the same time, to also be able to worship alongside Spanish-speakers at the same time. Now, as we leave, I feel as comfortable with the worship in either language, but it was a really helpful bridge that came up at just the right time. I hope that as we move to the language school, we’re able to provide the same environment for the families there.

So, back at church….where I sat by a parrot.

Lunch. Joel is carrying in the giant pot of arroz con pollo (rice with chicken).

They prayed for us and sent us on our way.

Joel’s last time to lead communion here.

Picking up coconut oil for a friend (an errand turns into an unexpected adventure).

Taking the girls back to the orphanage after a week with us for their Easter/Spring Break and goodbye for awhile.

We were given an organic pineapple this morning. I think we were just delirious after having the girls all week and have come accustomed to playing with our food before eating it. I tried balancing it on my head before I lost it and it dove down the hill, taking out a big chunk as it rolled…not to worry, we ate it anyway. Like I said, our standards of propriety might have fallen just a bit in the last week.

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