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Witch’s Blood and other fun discoveries in the jungle

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

I was cleaning out my “Drafts” folder of my email and ran across an email to a friend that I never sent. It brought back so many memories of living outside the city.

December 14, 2010

In the morning, I was feeling particularly wild and decided to not only brush my teeth, but floss (I generally avoid this because the floss, as most other things in the bathroom, is consistently covered in mold, but Joel has been an avid flosser lately and keeping the floss spool fresh every day, so I took advantage of his good hygiene) and finished with a gargle of Listerine. I was feeling quite squeaky clean when our neighbor appeared at the door with two glasses in hand.

“Try it! It’s called sangre de bruja (witch’s blood),” he said with great gusto. It looked like tomato juice (which I HATE and can barely get down without gagging, but I knew to be polite I needed to try it, clean teeth or not), so I forced myself to chug at least a sip. Somehow I missed it when he handed me the glass, so I was mid swallow when I saw it — two yellow egg yolks, plopped in the bottom of the glass!

“They’re raw eggs!” he added (a little too late!).

“Really? That’s what it looks like,” as I looked at Joel to see how we were going to get out of this one, but Joel already had his head cocked back, gulping enthusiastically, without realizing the contents.

“Yes, but not just chicken’s eggs … they’re turtle eggs!”

I tried to think of what could be worse, but was again interrupted by the running commentary, “Yeah, I sneak onto the beach at night and harvest them. It’s dangerous because it’s illegal, but we like the eggs….”

Alright, seriously! You tell me what you would have done at this moment!

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