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Winter Sun

by Joel

No sooner does the snow blanket the ground with freezing temperatures than it is gone with the morning sun blazing down, warming both body and soul. God is so good allowing such relief even in the heart of winter. And even the snow is not so cynical to my existence anymore.

Layers are the key to a good attitude (metaphysically speaking). Life in Christ as the Great Insulator. Putting on the righteousness of Christ as a coat of light and warmth is truly the key to a right attitude.

These days have been filled with a God-ward perspective. Not that I think as God thinks, but that so much of my attention has been captivated by His presence in my life. Shall I say, a “God-ward attention?” Paying attention to His Word and the world around me is light to my eyes. So much so, that I have even thought, “He’s going to take me home soon. That’s why I’m so drawn toward the kingdom of Heaven.” But, being convinced there is still life on earth to be lived, I’m fairly confident that it’s not my time to go. Perhaps this is what will lead me to have His perspective on life.

I don’t know why I’m so enamored by sunlight, but for today, it may be winter outside, but it feels like summer in my soul.

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