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While you were sleeping…

So, I have discovered that an entirely different world comes to life while we lay sleeping peacefully…a creepy crawly little world. Those noises that I’ve been thinking that I hear in the middle of the night…are actual noises! The scratching that wakes me up and makes me think something is crawling up the wall…is something crawling up the wall.

And after one of those nights, we awoke to see a PILE of something-droppings on our shelf. All of this happened in one night:

But, not to be flustered, I headed off to the shower, put a handful of shampoo in my hand and instead of clean shampoo, I got a handful of bugs!  Super.

And that, actually, was alright. Until I went to dry my hair. I was drying my hair for oh, say, 15 seconds, when I smelled something a little funny. It was kind of a burnt scales type of smell. So, naturally, I turned off the hair dryer, looked inside and there was a shadowy little crusty figure.

Also naturally, I screamed (a little) for my hero…

And look what he found inside!

Not bad for one day.

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