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Jan 6

Grandma made sure we knew that today is a holiday for the 3 kings that came to find Baby Jesus. She lit a candle in the nativity scene. I’m not sure the significance of it all, but will try to find out more this afternoon.

This morning we ventured as a family to the fería, a good sized “farmer’s market” where our host bought lots of fruits and vegetables. We laughed that our host mother is a lot like Joel’s mom because when she has all of her kids following her around the market, she gets excited and starts buying everything in sight! We were all laughing and having a great time and begging her not to buy anymore. Even Izze was invited on the adventure and got caught up in all the interesting new smells on the ground!

We saw countless foods we’d never seen before and wouldn’t know what to do with. And the vegetables we should have recognized, we hardly did because they were gigantic!

The most impressive, though, was the fact that pineapples are only 40 cents each and limes are 40 for $1.00! Every time we saw the pineapples, we stopped and had the same conversation about how we couldn’t believe how cheap they were and how expensive it is to buy pineapples in the US.

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