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Trekking to the Volcano

So, as you can see, we’ve been studying really hard this week.

Hiking in a rainforest at the base of Arenal was amazing. It was raining (of course, it’s a rainforest!) and a little chilly, and as we’d hike, we thought we were hearing thunder (OK, that’s not exactly true. Travis and Bekii said they thought it was wild boars …. which I believed, but only for a little while). Anyway, deep thundering grunting noises (something between thunder and a wild boar in the bushes). Then, suddenly we realized, it was the volcano! We were so close that you could hear it rumble and could hear the rocks tumbling down the side of the mountain.

Later, when we hiked out of the rainforest and we could see the whole mountain! It’s really rare to be able to see the top of the volcano. We saw the rocks as they’d crash down the mountain, sending up white smoke each place they bounced on the earth. Spectacular.

Travis and Bekii running from the volcano…or was it wild boars?

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