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Tico Trivia

About a month before language school ended, I was sitting in Spanish class and was asked to finish this sentence:

“The thing I find strange about Costa Rica is …..”

And I couldn’t think of anything! I racked my brain to come up with something, but everything I thought of just seemed “different” but not really “strange.” While some days are more frustrating than others (see Getting to Know a New Way…Get in Line!), I think I’m in that really enviable stage of culture shock when life finally starts to level out.

So, I’ve been thinking about things that are “different” that I once thought “strange” and thought I’d see if you shared my viewpoint. Plus, I have all these random photos of things I’ve noticed here and just thought you’d like to see what catches my attention.

1. Do you know what this is? (I didn’t when I arrived here.)

2. Or can you tell what these grills are made of? They’re selling for $20 downtown.

3. What’s this? (It’s not as gross as it looks, I promise!)

4. How many people can fit in a taxi? (Hint: more than could fit in this photo!)

5. Which one of these is a “gringo catcher?”





6. True/False Some people have to defrost their freezers daily.


7. Short Answer How is Dole’s Canned Crushed Pineapple made?


Play and Win Prizes!  Respond in the Comments section and we’ll send the person with the best answers (as judged by our expert panel) a bag of Costa Rican coffee!

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