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The Plumber’s Toilet

So, if the cobbler’s children have no shoes and the plumber’s toilet leaks, it’s the photographers who have their photos (and *GASP* negatives) in boxes, hidden away in the closet!

Joel and I joined this marriage with several Rubbermaid containers (the really BIG ones, mind you!) of photos neither of us had bothered to put into albums. And since we both dabble with pretending that we’re photographers, we like to take LOTS of photos. I can’t really say how many photos have been lacking a permanent home, but it’s definitely in the thousands.

With both computers and the camera out for repair, I decided to tackle a few of those “less technical” projects that have seemed overwhelming.

It’s been a fun process, though, and the photos have given us a lot to reminisce over. It turns out Joel and I were both in Nashville for the same week of a music awards festival a few years before we actually met. Besides determining we were both at the same warehouse grunge show (how would we have ever met there??), we’re guessing we probably didn’t frequent the same venues!

It also came to light that Joel was quite good at feathering his hair back in the day. That might account for all the photos of Joel with girls. Who can resist feathered hair?

But hey, let’s not just pick on Joel!

Our 6-year age gap also becomes apparent in times like these. While Joel was wearing a hot pink cumberbund to his 3rd prom his senior year of high school, I was probably organizing my sticker collection.

No, there are way too many nerdy photos of me in the box. But the one who puts forth the effort to get the photos into albums gets to decide which photos disappear for eternity!

This week, Joel was convinced that the nerdiness is something he’ll always have to live with when, after going through a “School Supply” sale, I said, “This is so exciting! Doesn’t it make you just want to buy new erasers!” And, unfortunately, I was serious.

He couldn’t stop laughing.

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