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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I was excited to see that our neighbors were having a party. The whole house was glowing with lights. So as we walked by, I slowed down to peak through the door.

And there it was.

Seven feet of twinkling wonder.

Yes, with no Thanksgiving holiday to set the pace here, Central Americans tend to be the most welcoming people of the birth of Jesus I’ve ever seen!

I know your Walmart is already selling Christmas decorations (and has been since August — I was there. I saw it.)

But this really is something different. This is like Christmas Eve-level hype and anticipation for the next 65 days. (It’s exciting in the I’m-not-sure-they-ever-took-their-tree-down kind of a way!) And it’s contagious. We’ve already started talking about it…in between trying to decide how we’re going to come up with a pumpkin pie for the expat Thanksgiving dinner (also over a month away — maybe it’s the eager anticipation and planning that’s contagious!)

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