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The hurricane blues

We were headed out of the country when the hurricane hit, giving us somewhere around 57 inches of rain in 4 1/2 days and dramatically spoiling our travel plans. It was enough rain to cause deadly mudslides, road and bridge washouts, and general mayhem throughout the country. Schools were canceled and with all the natural road closings, we were locked in with all but helicopter access for awhile. But, unlike other areas of the countries, there were no life-threatening situations in our area (as long as everyone stayed home), and it was the closest thing to a “snow day” we’re going to get here, so it became a good time to bake, visit neighbors, and watch the news on their TVs.

Of course, there was one little problem. Like I said, we had been headed out of the country. The day before, I had thoroughly cleaned out my fridge and given all the leftovers to the dogs so as not to return to a stinky mess. In the morning, I awoke to a fridge full …. of one papaya, 2 tomatoes, a quarter jar of tahini, half a jar of capers, and a box of Hot Tamales. I’ll be honest, I haven’t actually looked online, but I don’t think there are many recipes that call for those ingredients together. Time to get creative.

Or, send Joel to go find the essentials (before everyone else) and get some food for the next few days. Last time we had extensive rain like this, the road to get gas was closed, not allowing semi’s to bring in supplies, so we decided to stock up at the little market we rarely go to for anything more than a box of milk and prepare for the long haul.

But by the 5th day, everyone we knew had cabin fever! (While still being thankful to have a cabin in which to have cabin fever!) It’s never been so sweet to see the sun!

Earlier wind storms had wreaked havoc in our area.

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