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The Finale

This is it! We finished our last day of classes today. All we have left is a breakfast party in the morning and then GRADUATION on Friday!!!! No more homework. No grammar class. No tests on the 14 rules of subjunctive verbs. But also, no more 7 am walks to school through the quiet neighborhood. No more student cookouts. No ping-pong at break time. We’ll miss it.

I think the more we’ve learned, the less we feel like we know, so it’s intimidating to get kicked out of the nest of language school and have to be responsible for our own education from here on. But, at the same time, it’s really exciting and we have a great base of people in our neighborhood that have been helping us with their language and I know those relationships will continue in the new year. I think we both feel like it’s time to turn the page and we’re excited to move on.

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