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The Blizzard of ’06

Today we’re reminded once again why we love to think of ourselves as beach people. On Sunday, one of our high school friends asked, “Would you rather never see the mountains again or never see the ocean again?” I laughed. And then I realized she was serious!

Right now, we’re in a blizzard warning…..the first blizzard warning for both of us. I have 12 minutes left on the pizza in the oven (part dinner/part attempt to warm up the kitchen) and I thought I’d jump online to bemoan my status.

Here’s a photo of Joel coming back from the mailbox (before the real snow started).

He’s cranky because he can’t go for a run and I’m cranky because it’s not the romantic make-sugar-cookies-sing-carols-and-wait-out-the-storm scenario I always pictured when I read Little House on the Prairie. And Izze thinks going outside to go to the bathroom is some kind of sick joke.

Even our patio chairs look like their waiting for summer to return.

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