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Rain, rain…

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

We’ve been battling the rain here. Well, not the rain, exactly, but the effects of the rain. For starters, there was the foliage that began growing out of the mud flaps of our car.

But you know, it’s not really the rain of rainy season (raining every day) that is getting old; I kind of like the coziness of it, but there are a few “extraneous benefits” that I could do without, namely, the mold and cockroaches.

First, there was the cockroach on my toothbrush two nights ago. Then, there was this one, yesterday:

Yep, folks, that’s a cockroach on Joel’s toe! And I made him sit still so I could get a photo of it. And don’t let the size of this one make you think it’s not that bad. This one could only have been 2 minutes old. I think we all remember the one half the size of Joel’s face that we found in our other house. I’m still having nightmares. Joel has gotten so tired of my calling for him to kill them that he bought me my own personalized can of bug killer this week. And this isn’t watered down American-safety standards bug spray. This stuff will peel the paint off your walls. You know you’ve sprayed too much and will have to evacuate when your pets start dying. Unfortunately, the cockroaches usually beat Marzo to the door. And they’re big enough to let themselves out, so we lose that battle every time.

Now, we just fight over who has to pick up the remains…with a shovel!

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