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Rain drops on my head


The leaking raindrops on the pages of my book should have given me a clue that today we would be at the mercy of the weather, but I didn’t catch the signal. The pounding rain on the roof provided adequate insulation to block the usual “noisiness” of nature that wakes us every morning so I decided to check out the new Bible I had just received while Joel enjoyed a rare chance to sleep in for a little bit. But even though I kept sliding my chair around the circular kitchen table, I couldn’t seem to find a place to read that was both well-lit and free from rogue raindrops invading the coziness of our house! 

Just a bit later, we were headed down the mountain, planning to stop by a local Indian arts show on our way to church, when we noticed that the road seemed unusually peaceful. We were in awe of the destruction that the swollen river was causing after the long night of heavy rain. We were driving along, ooing and awing at that when we rounded a curve and came upon a line of stopped vehicles, lights flashing and people waving. Many cars were turning around in the road so we crept forward and saw that the mountain above had just washed out onto the road in front of us! It must have happened just minutes before we arrived because people were stuck on either side, trying to determine what to do. It didn’t appear anyone was injured, so it was probably a matter of rearranging schedules for most people. These things tend to happen frequently during rainy season and it only seems to ruffle the gringos. As for us, we headed back home, stopped by a neighbor’s house for a little chat and told her about the road, and then decided to stay warm and hide from the rain in the comfort of our house! 

Though the rain has now stopped, I have no idea when I will get to an internet location to post this, but it’s much more fun to write about from here! Rainy season has been long, but we are learning to love it. Of course, there are aspects that take more work to love — I stopped working on my Christmas cards after I couldn’t sign one card before the humidity of the room had sealed the envelope!

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