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Over the mountain and through the rainforest

Trekker Journal- Krista

We have been looking for months for a house to rent in specific part of Costa Rica, but found nothing. But, we had continued traveling over “Death Mountain” (that I love so much!) as often as we could get out of San José to find something.

Finally, last Monday, we were heading back into town when Joel ran into some new friends from our travels out there. They mentioned that their daughter was moving. We were familiar with that particular house, admiring it one afternoon from the road, and assumed it would not be for rent. But, the family insisted we talk. We found out it was for rent! The incredible part about moving into this house is that it has just been built, it is fully furnished with new appliances, and cheaper than what we’re paying right now in San José! It was very clear this was going to be our new home! Not only that, but it puts us in the right location to be involved in the community that we’re connected to! (No more driving over Death Mountain every week!!!) It’s close to the bilingual church we visited on Easter with the surf ministry, right around the corner from our friends Curtis and Michelle and family, and near the new work our friends Jason and Sarah are involved in! And everything is ready to go with the house, so we can bring our books and clothes and finally settle down a little bit while we’re getting involved in our new community, without the extra cost and stress of finding appliances and moving into an unfurnished house.

When we were driving home Monday night (over Death Mountain in the fog and rain with no guard rails, reflectors or even lines on much of the road — did I mention how much I hate that drive?!?), we couldn’t stop talking about how unexpectedly wonderful this place is. When we finally arrived home, I couldn’t even sleep all night as I kept re-playing our walk through the little house and imagining what it will be like to live there!

Of course, one drawback to new beginnings is saying goodbye to the old friends. We’ll be leaving my friend, Zeidy, the next door neighbor with whom I have had many cups of coffee, shared secrets and gone to mass at the neighborhood church around the corner. We’ll also have to leave Joel’s friend Hector, the street guard. They laugh and joke together over coffee (Costa Ricans are big on coffee, as you can see), fixing bikes or giving rides when they can’t get it fixed and of course a few dinners of rice and beans (or pizza). I’ve had a close group of girlfriends, (Lora, Jenn and Karen) who I get together with every Thursday for some pretty deep digging into what God is doing in our hearts. I’m looking forward to taking that work that God has started with me, but I’m going to miss these girls! We’re trying to be slow in the midst of the chaos of moving to take time to finish well here. The excitement of the new move doesn’t erase the regret we feel of leaving our friends.

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