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Moving in…

I’ve been waiting until I could post a video, but we seem to be having some blogger issues, so here are some of the “home sweet home” photos. It’s been a wonderful transition back to life here in Central America and we are feeling very comfortable in our new home.

(What you can’t see here is the giant white board on the living room wall. Not a decorating flair I had previously considered, but I have to admit, it’s growing on me! Plus, it’s great for illustrating a point you’re trying to make during dinner.)

Four humans and two little dogs share the space. Sometimes it’s more like the humans sharing with the little dogs. Still to discover where the dogs are putting the interests of others before themselves.

We soon discovered we had chispas in our shower. This made everyone a little uncomfortable since we’d heard lots of stories about “widow-makers” in the bathroom. So we asked our landlord about it and she gasped, and promptly sent someone over to take care of it. Now we have a new shower with hot water and no more chispas.

(OK, here’s the translation: the electric shower head was shooting sparks and smoking! Don’t get me wrong, 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays, but no electrical sparks in the shower, por favor.)

Our backyard: the washer……and “dryer”……and the hammock to wait out the whole process while doing your Spanish homework.

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