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Midwest BBQ Extravaganza

We recently gathered a bunch of our friends together to say “thank you” and update them on the latest work that we’ve been doing. We had a great time because we loved getting to see so many people we’d missed for awhile, and sharing what we’ve seen God doing in the various places around the globe.

The star of the show -- BBQ that was masterfully prepared

Don't let them fool you -- some of these people stayed up half the night smoking BBQ for us!

We brought exotic tropical drinks from home.

The little bit of help I lend and they get a picture....that's great timing. Of course, I spilled red drink on the white counters, so someone quickly rescued me from even this task!

We showed the latest video project, shared stories of the latest adventure (soon to be DVD), and talked about goals for the future.

And then we forced leftover cake on all of our friends (and secretly pawned it off on their kids when they refused).

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