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Merry Christmas cheer at the hospital

So, I (and pretty much everyone we know) have been battling a nasty cough, so I mentioned it while at the doctor’s office.

Bronchitis. Come back in 7-10 days so I can listen to your lungs again.

You know, that would be so much easier if we were, say, near the hospital!

But, we enjoyed our afternoon waiting for the bus ride back home. From the 3rd floor, I spotted the giant Christmas tree in the courtyard and since it’s December, the weather is perfect for sitting outside now.

(This is my brave bronchitis smile. Don’t expect to see it on this year’s Christmas card. I really didn’t feel too hot, especially after Joel somehow coerced me into walking to the hospital, instead of taking a taxi. I think this would be an appropriate time to revisit our “in sickness or in health” section of the wedding vows, at least his anyway.)

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