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Making Peace in Central America – updated

Thanks so much to everyone who contributed to our little library of books that we’re packing up to take back with us! We’ll keep you posted with how we are able to use the books! We’re very excited to see what God does with the use of these materials. Thank you for your outpouring of generosity!!

Joel and Krista


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While we’re back in the States for the next 2 weeks, we’d really like to be able to buy and bring back some resouces for our work in Central America. If you’d like to be a part of this project, we’ve included a link below for a registry on Amazon that includes some of the books we need to be able to share with others.* Or, if you prefer, we can pick the books up at the university bookstore, and you can send a check to GMI at the address below.

My Wish List

We also would like to bring back the following (hard to find, even in the US!) items:

Peacemaker (El Pacificador) Spanish version (15 copies, $3.00 each at or phone (417) 881-4698):

The Peacemaking Principles Pamphlet (25 English and 25 Spanish, $ .35 each, click on each for the link).

Plus, we will be bringing them back as extra luggage, so I think that is an extra $50 or $100 (depending on the airline, but it is still much cheaper than mailing them to Costa Rica). If you’d like to help with the shipping expenses or have us buy the books at a bookstore, you can contact GMI directly (and please shoot us an email to let us know):

Grace Missions International 2601 Montrose Drive Bartlesville, OK 74006

We don’t know if God will continue to give us these opportunities, but if He does, we’d like to come back prepared. We hope God is laying it on your heart to help us get these study materials back to Central America. We understand, of course, that not everyone is able to help, but if you are interested, let us know. (We’ll get you an American address to get the last two items to us, but Amazon already has our shipping address for the items on the “Wish List”).

Thanks so much for letting us throw this out there!

J and K

* (Please note, used versions of these books are great, as well. We just have to meet the deadline of our returning to Central America. THE BOOKS MUST REACH US BY JULY 16 TO MAKE IT WITH US.)

At the farm with kids from the orphanage

Update — The last couple weeks we have been busy with a group of more than 60 people that came from Florida to help out the work going on in Costa Rica. They divided into 4 teams and worked on construction, in orphanages and schools and with local surfers. We spent the two weeks hopping from location to location, trying to capture a broad picture of what went down. Hopefully, those involved will be able to use the video to share with their friends at home what they did and how others can be involved in our work here.

At the same time, we have been cramming to prepare for the 2 weeks of intensive classes we will have in this month. Since February, we’ve read hundreds of pages and and written dozens of papers to be ready for this time, while dealing with the daily issues of life in a foreign country like mudslides blocking the road, getting robbed of our cell phone (and only connection to the “outside”), a camera and other frustrating losses (ask me about standing at a pay phone for the good part of two days, trying to cancel credit cards!), more visitors, an emergency trip to San Jose with car trouble (finally with someone else’s car this time!), and preparing for our annual return trip to the States! If you haven’t heard from us in a little while, please forgive us! When I say, “It’s been crazy,” it really has been. But, as much as we’ve loved coming home to the States and enjoying luxuries like internet and Starbucks (once, so far….can you believe it?!).

Shooting video at a local school project

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