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Labor Day Off

It wasn’t until Thursday night when we realized that many of our friends in the “working world” were taking off Friday through Monday to celebrate Labor Day….another one of those things you miss in the black hole of self-employment. Although my guilt-ridden work ethic wouldn’t let me leave town until I’d made a qualified amount of progress on editing our current project, we did leave Friday afternoon for 24 hours at the lake.

We kayaked to our “secret spot,” ate MRE’s and slept under the stars in our REI “Bug Hut.” The weather forecast said we would be interrupted with thunder and lightening in the wee hours of the morning so we were surprised to wake up with the sun, dry and semi-rested! (Minus a small incident at 2am, reminding us we aren’t prepared for parenthood when Izze regurgitated the scraps of food she’d discovered on the ground…..along with the ROCKS she’d licked up to ensure she enjoyed every last drop of flavor!)

The next day was spent exploring places around the lake we’d always wanted to get to, but never had the leisure to find, reading books while soaking up the sun, arguing over our books (mine, incidentally was on marriage!), and eating as much as we could.

I can already tell we benefitted greatly from a “required” day off together. The videos are still there and they need lots of attention, but I’m having a lot more fun doing it today!

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