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Some labels can be really helpful. Others may not actually tell you what’s inside.

We had an interesting discussion the other night in our Marriage & Family study group at our house: What if personality tests and labels aren’t really a good idea. Do they just group people together who have the same character flaws (or struggle with the same weaknesses)? Should we instead spend more of an effort in identifying these weaknesses and making an effort to live in humility with others, not heralding them as excuses for our selfishness and love of comfort?

For instance, I’m called an “extrovert.” But, maybe that just means that I have a tendency to get impatient and bored when I’m around the same ol’ people and they don’t want to talk about me anymore. Perhaps I have no more in common with other extroverts than the fact that we share the same struggle — we’re bored with these people and want to go to a party and meet a new group!

What about the “Big Picture” label I love so much. Do I use it just so I don’t have to organize my desk and live purposefully, even on daily basis?

Am I pleased to be called a “Leader” so I don’t have to be humble enough to be a follower?

I don’t know, it was just a thought. But as a looked at the labels I’d put on myself over the years, I began to wonder if it was just a way excusing my weaknesses and not striving to eliminate them.

Maybe the labels haven’t really shown what’s inside. That may be too embarrassing to give a name to.

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