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Krista’s neighborhood watch

Hardly a week goes by here that we don’t hear that someone we know was robbed. Last night, our neighbor showed us where someone had cut his gate open and crawled in and broke into his car. There goes my safe feeling when the gate is closed!

That makes two robberies on our block this month. In the other one, it sounded like they took everything of value, inside and out, down to taking the time to “un-string” the Christmas lights on their way out!

We’re accustomed to some of the “normal” measures of security we take here that we’ve never had to do before, but sometimes it just really makes me miss home.

But, I was thinking that all of these little inconveniences just make us more reliant on each other, doing more things together, and most of all, more aware that whether at “home” or here, I’m dependent on God for my security.

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