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Juggling English and Spanish

Joel and I have been volunteering each week at a small school where we’ve been teaching English to people in our neighborhood. Tonight, we discussed “Food.” We practiced ordering at a restaurant, going grocery shopping and ordering take-out.

When we simulated the restaurant situation, I realized how funny some things are that have become normal to me.

For instance, how do you explain that a tip is not technically “required,” but it really is if you plan to return to that same restaurant in the future.

And why do you ask for a “doggie bag” if you don’t even have a dog and you really just want to eat your leftovers for lunch tomorrow?

Here is Joel’s introduction to tonight’s class. Ange, you should appreciate that your good child rearing skills came in handy tonight. Well, kind of…

A large number of people are coming to the classes and seem very appreciative of our help. It’s been a great opportunity for us to get into conversations with people as we juggle both languages in our rough attempts at communication with each other.

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