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I heart internet

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

So, we’re back in the capital for a couple days and taking full advantage of our internet connection here!  I’ve been having some pain in my side (and no, I’m not referring to Joel) for the last 2 months so we finally contacted our doctor here, 4 hours away. Makes for a long process, but it’s good to know we can at least get some help here. After a day at the hospital, all seems fine enough for us to return home and the doctor can go on vacation. 🙂 Sounds good to me.

While the conveniences of the city are great, life in the jungle continues to amaze us every day. We’re well into rainy season (May – November) so everything is green (including the mold in my closet!), but beautiful:

We’re awakened almost every morning by toucans and parrots, fighting it out in the trees above and around us. Even with the loud squawking for the first few hours of the morning (5am -7am), it’s a wonderful way to wake up. They’re often here for this:

We eat pejibaye from the land behind our house and share it with our neighbors. Apparently, it’s quite the commodity because now we have people showing up asking to cut down more! We’re happy to have something to offer.

The locals also tend to think we’re crazy because we love the bananas on our land. They are so plentiful and inexpensive in Costa Rica that they I suppose they don’t warrant the effort to extract the bunches from the trees and leave them for the birds. But, it’s still a novelty for us, so we eat lots of fruit smoothies with banana!

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