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How I Spent Thanksgiving

At 93, I’d say Grandma has the right to make any request she wants for a family get-together. This year, it was “No Cooking on Thanksgiving Day.” I guess years of mashing potatoes for a hungry mob had finally taken it’s toll on our dear matriarch. So, when we arrived at Grandma’s, she announced, “We’re going to the Moose Lodge!” I was excited. I actually didn’t know what a “Moose Lodge” was, but it sounded fun! I was not disappointed.

We filed through the lines and had our plates filled with all the traditional food by the local community college’s basketball team. We left full and happy, and loaded with photos. It was a good time and well worth the trip!

Aunt Daisy with good information to remember for my next visit to the Lodge. Sounds like New Year’s Eve, if you ask me!

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