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Fuzzy Logic

Today was a day to get some cleaning done. I started with the laundry. During rainy season, I kind of figure that every minute after 4:45 am, that I start the laundry is one minute that I lose for getting it dry by 11:00 am when the rains start for the rest of the day. And, since it’s so humid, even with the sun, it can take several days to get those jeans dry.

Speaking of jeans, on my Spanish-labeled washing machine that is intent on destroying my clothes, I have a “jeans” setting. Isn’t that fantastic? I have a choice between “Wool, Jeans, Rapid, or Fuzzy.” I’m sorry, but what’s a “fuzzy” setting? I already have a wool setting (which, I’m sorry, but I haven’t seen anything in wool for 4 years), so “Fuzzy” can’t mean that I should put sweaters in it, so I have no idea.

If you ask me, it fits with the model name of this LG masterpiece — “Fuzzy Logic.”

And then, I just want to clarify, just because you’ve always pulled your broom across your floor in a neat, sweeping motion (isn’t that what “sweeping” means?), doesn’t mean that it’s wrong to push your broom across the patio. I have to say, the floors in this country are the cleanest I’ve seen in any part of the world and more than a few times, when conversation has gotten dull, I’ve asked, “So, how do you keep your floors so clean?” and leaned forward, in sincere interest, to hear the answer.

This was the broom I inherited with our “fully furnished” rental house.

And this is the mop.

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