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First Day

Jan 2

Well, our first day in Costa Rica is coming to a close as we wait for dinner (it’s 8:15….lunch was at 4:30 today). We are completely thrilled with our situation here. At first we were unsure that we’d made the right decision to stay with a Tico family vs. getting a private apartment, but when we were asked to give our host our dirty laundry on Fridays and let her know what time we will roll out of bed and want our meals, I knew we were in a good place!

We’ll have the opportunity to concentrate completely on studying Spanish with so many of the daily “life duties” taken care of by our hosts. And, thankfully, 2 of the 3 members of the house speak zero English, so we’re forced to stumble our way pointing and pantomiming our way to something called “communication.”

Today we took a tour of San José with our fellow students to see where to shop and how to get around town on a bus or in the taxi. Seems pretty easy, although we’re ready to get out of the “fish bowl” and experience some of it on our own and make our blunders as we go.

Tomorrow we’ll register for classes and get our books, so that’ll be interesting to see what they expect us to learn in the next 5 months. Already I can feel myself feeling the strain of switching between English and Spanish so I wonder how my brain will adjust to being back in school.

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