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El Toro

So, as we explore this great country, and look for possibilities to live here in the future, we meet so many interesting people and go to weird and crazy places. Last weekend, we were running around the Nicoya Peninsula with a friend of a friend, “who maybe has some property he wants to show you”…. and as he’s driving us back to the town where we can catch a bus, he asks if we could make a quick stop before he takes us to the bus station. Of course, we say yes. And he responds by asking if we like “Toros”? “Que?” I respond. And next thing we know, we are running around inside the arena of a bull fight. Yes, you read this correctly… INSIDE the bull fight.

I was taking photos from the “safety” of the rickety wooden stadium benches when I hear our new friends yelling “HO-EL!” (Spanish for Joel) from the bull pen. Needless to say, I have really great pictures of our adventures.

So, here, meet our realtor….the one trying to rope the bull.

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