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Jan 4

Shopping for the first day of school. There was a bounty of Hello Kitty notebooks for my selection of school supplies. I told Joel I may do better in my classes if I had fun markers to stimulate my “visual learning” techniques, but we decided to opt for the generic notecards and basics.

After a long day of school, then shopping for books and paper, we came home and flipped on the TV to see if we could understand anything yet (after our 3 days of Orientation in English!). Adam Sandler’s movie, Spanglish, was on and we caught a few words in the Spanish subtitles that we recognized so in a very small way, it was encouraging that we are already picking up a couple things. Of course, the word was “Disculpe” (meaning “Excuse me”) which we’ve needed to use several times already so it’s getting to be pretty familiar!

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