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Dirty Hair

We all know someone who got up in the middle of the night for a glass of milk and walked into the *squish* *squish* of the living room and were awakened from their grogginess to discover the washing machine line had broken, or the toilet was leaking. Well, for us, (Clue-style) it was Joel in the kitchen with the hot water heater. Of course, his first impulse was that Izze had had a very bad accident.

As much as we get irritated with the incessant watering of lawns in our area, our own precious little blades of green were pampered with a hot water bath at 4 am this weekend when Joel connected the hose to the water heater to get it out of the kitchen!

It’s been a little funny to not have hot water, though.

I’ve gone willingly, even excitedly, into locations without hot water on numerous occasions and (generally) had quite a pleasant attitude about it (after the initial shock, of course). But, to lack a luxury in my own home– something that I’ve come to think as essential (I mean, Joel is at Lowe’s right now to get replacement)– has made me think that I’ve come to accept quite a long list of luxuries as essential.

Something I’ll have to mull over for awhile.

In the meantime, I think I’ll go to the neighbor’s and wash my hair!

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