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Cultural Jokes

In class today, we were talking about the difference in traffic and “personal space” and “communication” (honking) even for cars when a panel member, John, told us about an experience he had recently in Pakistan, another country known for their incessant horn use:

John drove an old car and one day the brakes quit. He very cautiously drove the car through the city to the mechanic. But when he arrived, the mechanic told John that he had no time to work on his car and to please bring it back next week. John, having just survived the perilous journey with no brakes explained his situation and that he was afraid to drive it home again with no brakes. But, the mechanic insisted and John took the car home.

The next week, the mechanic sent a driver to pick up the car and had it repaired. When John got the car back, the brakes were fine, but he noticed a problem with the horn. So, he called the mechanic, “Thank you for fixing my brakes, but the horn is not working now. What should I do?”

“What?!? No horn!?! Come in immediately!!!”

True story. I love it.

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