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Last week 160 GB of our hard drives crashed. That’s a lot of work lost and everything ground to a hault. Of course, some of it is backed up, but with video taking up so much space, we knew it was going to be frustrating to get it all back. We ordered software to hopefully repair (or at least salvage) what was lost and, of course, the company had it on back order. When it was confirmed it would be several days before we’d be back in business, it seemed like a good time to get refocused.

A friend of ours had been begging to go on a back-packing trip so, in less than 24 hours, we were on the road in search of some sunshine.

It was an amazing trip. Solitude. Sand. Surf (well, a little surf).

As much as last minute road trips can be frazzling, this was well worth it.

And, when we returned, a box on the doorstep announced it was time to get back to work!

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