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Well, the latest news has come in bits and pieces as we learn more of the situation. It’s not learning the current situation that is as scary as hearing what was happening when we first entered the ER or what could still happen if things don’t go as “planned.” Apparently, we caused quite a little stir in the lab the night of the surgery when the sample of the bacteria from Joel’s arm grew within hours (instead of days) and they concluded it was a strong flesh-eating bacterial contaminant. Then, others began appearing over time and the doctors were informed that they had a serious case on their hands.

So, that’s why Joel’s getting the strong antibiotics intravenously and why we’ll be here to watch the crystal ball dropping in New York on 2010. Well, not quite, but nobody’s talking about anything less that 10 days from now.

So, the more we know about the situation the less restless we both are, willing to let the medicine do its work and receive the benefits of the hundreds of prayers being said for us.

This morning, the wound was unwrapped again and things are looking good from the outside. The markers on the exams are headed in the right direction and we are all just waiting to see that it continues.

Thank you for all the prayers. We are both strengthened by the knowledge that God has every little microscopic detail under His sovereign control.


Joel gets the report from the infectious disease specialist and our overseeing doctor.


What? 10 more days??

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