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Border Crossing

We sent more personal details about last week’s adventure in our email, The Trekker. If you missed that, let us know. But in the meantime, here are some photos of that trip:

And we quickly realized this would not be a difficult border-crossing, but a colorful one.

Our goal was to renew our visas and get our passports stamped, but a jungle adventure was in store for us.

….with the help of some friends.

The people were really beautiful, but, as in every place we’ve traveled, it’s always the children that capture your attention first.

Our friend was really eager to have us take pictures of her family. She would stand about 12 inches away from me and wait for me to snap shots so she could look at herself.

Joel returned from the country with a pile of bananas the taxi driver’s friend had given us. With Chiquita being the employer of almost everyone in the area, bananas are apparently such a commonplace thing that everyone was laughing at us carrying them around. They couldn’t figure out why we would bother lugging around such a bulky piece of luggage when they’re practically free and you can get them everywhere.

Bananas were only one of the wonderful worthwhile souvenirs we brought home. We made new friends, had a great adventure, and saw an amazing part of God’s creation we only see on the National Geographic channel.

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