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Blood bath

You may be happy to know, we have had a dramatic decrease in cockroaches lately and I really believe we can credit that to your prayers in that regard.

However, may I make a request….

When praying for the elimination of certain creepy-crawlies, perhaps you could just go ahead and include all creepy-crawlies in those petitions.

For example, as soon as we lost our steady parade of cockroaches, we seemed to get a deluge of ticks. There have been so many of them that we sprayed the dogs, so they are not on the dogs, but literally falling onto the patio and walking up the walls of the house. Perhaps it was the fact that our “lawn” was sprayed, or perhaps it was because we didn’t mention these blood suckers in our prayers, but there have been so many of them that we and the dogs regularly step on them without noticing, squirting enough blood to make our front porch look like the set of a horror movie.

Joel says this is too disgusting to put online and inappropriate, but I’m going out on a limb here (with his reluctant consent) because I think it’s hilarious. So, for those of you with strong stomachs (and adult supervision), I posted a picture of a recent casualty here.

You didn’t have to look…..we never would have known.

But, since you did…..who was right? Too gross or remotely funny?

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