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Big Money!!

(photo by our friend, Sonia)

We’re teaching an English class here in Central America and this week in our class, we simulated a job interview scenario and here’s how it went:

Me: So, tell me what you would say to an employer who asked, “Why would you like to work for my company?” Student: It OK say, “To win big money?” Me (making use of my auxiliary verbs): I think we would maybe say, “To earn a better salary.” Student: When is OK say, “To win big money?” Me (politely): Um, I don’t think we would probably say that very often. Student: No! I hear it on TV!!! Other Students: Yes! Rueda de la Fortuna they say, “Big money!! Big money!!” Me: Oh yes, you are right. If you are on the Wheel of Fortune, you can say “big money.”

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