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And that storm…

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

Here’s another part of that email I found when I was cleaning out my “Drafts” folder of my account.

December 14, 2010

So, this is how my day has gone: I was in a Bible study class last night when a friend called and said they’d just been in a terrible storm on the mountain that had blown down trees, broken out windows and knocked someone to the ground. He wanted to know if I could get a hold of our other friend and tell them they were stuck on the mountain and wouldn’t be able to leave until the morning, so he needed to cancel their plans for the next day.

In the midst of his scary description of what was happening on the mountain, I interrupted, “Have you seen Joel? I think he’s still on the mountain!!! He was working there this afternoon.”

So, we spent the next 15 minutes calling friends, trying to hunt down my husband (which I learned is actually quite easy to do here since everyone seems to know where everyone was and to whom they were talking in town and about what they were talking!). I called another friend and asked him to drive to our house to see if Joel was home yet. He did and Joel was there, tucked in bed, nursing a hoarse throat and head cold.

So, we drove home after the storm and, praise the Lord, had no problems. We saw the results of the storm the next day….and for many days to come.



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