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A fun full day

We spent the day at a farm that teaches indigenous people life skills that they can use in their communities.  The farmers were ready with flip charts in the garden to show us the comparisons between different natural fertilizers and insecticides. With a big interest in our own personal gardening ventures (this country has been in the top 3 in the world for stomach cancer for over a decade, so we’ve become even more interested in organic foods lately), we listened well and learned a lot!

Then, after a long and sweaty day, we headed off to the orphanage where we had been invited to help throw a birthday party for one of the directors. We learned a few things about letting 13-year olds plan your day for you: when they say come at 3:00, the party might not start until 8:30. No need for the stress of getting that cake frosted in the car on the way to the party! And “helping to decorate” means 7 of us blowing up the 4 balloons they found in a closet. Bring party supplies!

We had a super time in both places, though!

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