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The Ministry of Selah Soul Care

Stories of Grace

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Many of the people to whom we minister have generously shared the impact our ministry has on their lives and, in turn, their ministry to others.

Sustaining grace

I feel compelled to tell you: our family would not be on the field if it weren't for you guys and the time you took to counsel and walk with our family that year.

- Missionary, Central America


Having been a missionary myself for 13 years, as well as doing research on causes of missionary attrition, I am well aware of the stresses facing missionaries on the field. Timely biblical counseling on the field for those in distress is essential for addressing challenges along the way, and taking those challenges to the Lord to help us carry. Early intervention can do a great deal to decrease the likelihood of early departures and increase the health and well-being of missionaries.


A refuge in times of war

I cannot express enough the sheer gratitude I have towards Krista and the counsel she's been able to offer me through our time together.


I'm a missionary in Hungary, and I play a major role in helping the Ukrainian refugees in many different areas of need. Due to the war in our neighboring country, my husband and I have been taking in and sheltering families since the war started (four months and counting). As such, I am constantly exposed to second-hand trauma day in and day out. Although we are doing the Lord's work which we find to be so rewarding and honoring, it is also very exhausting and draining.


I can't thank God enough for how He got me connected with Krista. I have found my times with her to be extremely precious because she is able to help guide me both spiritually and practically in these tough times. 

- Missionary in Hungary

Image by Vony Razom 🇺🇦

Hope in the Storm

It has been a huge blessing to my life to be in counseling with Krista. She helped me to stay hopeful despite of my difficult circumstances and to stay focused on Jesus. Her support gave me the courage to take the necessary steps concerning my marriage and future.


Krista worked with me for nearly 2 years and it has changed my life from being alone in my sorrow to having new hope despite my circumstances.


- "Ann," cross-cultural ministry worker

God's Word as the anchor

Krista and Joel’s ministry has deeply impacted my life in many ways.  Through the Biblical Counseling Training and as I personally received counseling, I have experienced encouragement and personal growth in faith and knowledge.  They have walked with me in highs and lows, not just interacted with me during trainings or appointments.  


Furthermore, I have grasped that “The Word of God is living and active” in a tangible way.  


Krista and Joel, thank you for your faithfulness, love and wisdom, and my deepest gratitude to those who support your ministry.

Recipient of Selah Soul Care ministry and training

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