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Semana Santa

It’s “Holy Week” here in Latin America, and it’s been an entirely new cultural experience for us.

For the entire week preceding Easter, the country focuses on the death and resurrection of Jesus. They try to make it a time of reflection for families, more significant than even Christmas. The stores have limited hours and are closed completely from Thursday until Sunday. There are no buses and no newspaper even came today. The whole place seems like a ghost town.

The Catholic churches have processions throughout town and services nearly every day this week.

We’ve made an effort to be a part of the town’s festivities and services and it’s been very powerful. I’ve gotten tears as I walk with the crowd through town to the stations of the cross and hear the old women who can barely walk, making this journey beside me reciting “Hail, Mary…” or “Padre nuestro, que estás en el cielo, santificado sea tu Nombre; venga a nosotros tu reino…” with such fervor.

Here’s a video of the procession.

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