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Random finds in my house

#1. I’ll start with my favorite: One afternoon recently, we were studying at the kitchen table and we kept getting wafts of an awful smell. We finally narrowed it down to the corner of the room, but couldn’t figure it out…..until we opened the window to air out the house. Apparently, in our haste to close up a couple nights before, we had slammed the window on one of our guests. He was still hoping for release (at least part of him was).

(Click on the photo and zoom in on that gore. I know! It’s just so much more fun full size like that, isn’t it!) The best part was that every time we tried to get him out of there, the wind would pick up and he’d move like he was still alive and I’d scream. Joel loves that about me. Totally rational. All the time.

#2. This guy also made me scream. Every time Joel leaves for a leadership meeting at church, something weird seems to happen at home. I heard a giant rustling noise coming from my bedroom and a huge lizard something was batting around. I tried to swoosh him out to open door, but instead, he would leap across the room and crawl up our bed, running across our pillows, onto the nightstand, up the curtain, down the wall, and then back to the other side of the room. I was nearing the end of my sanity when I called a neighbor for help and she sent her son down the hill to my rescue. Thankfully, we have a well-trained dog who knows what “Get it!” means, so between the three of us, we got him cornered under the bed.

I won’t bother you with the part of the story where we missed and only chopped his tail off and the bloody stump was flapping all of the floor.

#3. Speaking of finding random things on my bed…

#4. ….and then this a few days later:

(You have no idea how hard it is to make a root beer float here, so this was a very fun surprise from a very thoughtful husband!)

#5. See? They’re not all horrible. We also have a recently adopted street dog who has been campaigning vigorously for us to change his name from plain old “Fuzz” to “Fuzz, the Indoor House Dog.”

Or “Fuzz, the Lap Dog.”

I think he should just stick with “Fuzz, the ‘Grateful I Was Rescued’ Dog” and work with what he’s got.

#5. I thought this guy on my bookshelf was interesting and deserved a photo shoot before we killed him. A cross between an alien and a plane landing.

#6. Another random find…..Joel making baked bananas cuadradas with cheese, smothered in honey and cinnamon. It took 4 days of soaking and scrubbing before the pan came clean after this one.

He looks stressed, doesn’t he?

#7. This fellow wasn’t in my house, but when Joel and I were gardening, he crawled down the hill, jumped over the chainsaw on the tarp, and walked right in between us. Naturally, I ran for safety in the car. Again, completely rational.

#8. And since we’re opening up the category to “outdoor finds,” you should also see what was outside our front porch the other day: a pair of scarlet macaws! They live down the road. No, I’m serious. We see them nearly every day.

Tell me this isn’t a good time!

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