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A couple years ago, a group of men came down to our neck of the jungle and told us about all the wonders of eating raw foods. We really enjoyed their company, so we all went out to dinner that evening. We went to a vegetarian restaurant, but, of course, the options are still quite limited when you refuse to eat anything that has been heated, so mostly they ate from the food they had bought, and we ordered veggie sandwiches.

Anyway, it was an enlightening experience, nonetheless. For all you raw foodies, I thought you would be happy to know I recently found some new uses for my “evil oven.”

Drying my (raw) veggies after bleach-washing them. See? I’m learning!

(A rainy season clothes dryer. We decided 3 days was long enough to try to dry a pair of jeans so we employed the help of our kitchen appliances.)

Which beat our normal clothes dryer (Joel is convinced that the heat from the car reflecting the sun is preferable to line-drying when the sun peaks out from 5 a.m to 10 a.m. during rainy season). I consider clothes drying a more private matter and prefer the line behind the house.

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