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“completed, complete, final, definite, accomplished”

At least this is what my not-so-trusty online translator tells me it means. Either way, the promotional video for the Bulgarian seminary is complete! Last year we visited our friends at the school and shot interviews and footage to help them raise money for a new facility to be able to train even more pastors and leaders from surrounding countries.

Once we returned home, our editing was interrupted many times so we’re thankful we can finally offer an edited version to them. There are actually two versions — one in English and one in Bulgarian. And since our Bulgarian is quite rusty (ha!), we told the dean to look at it as a rough draft and let us know what we need to do to make it less old-school lip-sync kung fu movie/more professional university promo video. You know the difference.

But it’s great to have that out the door, at least for awhile.

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